What to Expect at a Hands On Neighborhoods Event

Registration – Once registered, lots of planning happens in the background to prepare for the day of the clean-up. Shortly after registering, you will receive an email asking for electronic signatures on all relevant waivers for the event. We will also email you with details prior to the actual event date with the meeting place and any other relevant info for that day. At each event, we will have a meeting place where you will sign-in at a Registration Table, receive your PPE (face masks and gloves will be provided to all volunteers) and T-shirts, tools (if you need them), and garbage bags, along with your cleanup assignment.

Street Cleanup – Your cleanup assignment will include a map, and some guidelines and instructions; these will keep the effort organized and our volunteers safe. We will have teams working each street, and designated pick up areas for filled garbage bags. When your assignment is complete, you will return any borrowed tools back to the registration area where there will also be refreshments

Safety Measures – We endeavor to create a safe and welcoming environment for these events. Disposable masks and gloves will be provided and are encouraged to be used. The T-Shirts are intentionally bright colored to make volunteers visible to drivers, etc. We ask that everyone team up, and that no one enter private yards/properties. We are only cleaning the streets and areas between the street and sidewalk. Or readily identifiable garbage along the lawn edge of the sidewalks. Any sharp objects (hypodermic needles, knives, broken glass, etc.) should be called in to the registration area and a designated committee member or police officer will collect those objects. Do not attempt to pick up or dispose of these items. Police Officers will be assigned to the event and will be cruising the neighborhood. If you need anything, feel free to flag one down.

Additional details and instructions will be provided at the event, or please feel free to contact us with specific questions! Thank you again for participating!


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