Doing business with the Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation endeavors to work with local and regional contractors and small business owners whenever possible. Because we are classified as a Public Authority, in addition to being a Non-Profit Corporation, we are subject to the Public Authority Act, which governs much of our operating policy and procedures, including our procurement. Businesses wishing to subcontract with the organization must meet NYS contractor criteria, and supply a W9, a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum $2million General Liability and $1million for each occurrence; and Certificate of Workers Compensation insurance or waiver.  Additional criteria may be required based on the type of contract, or service procured.  Please read carefully the terms and requirements of all RFPs and/or Bid documents. 

Vendors may pre-qualify with the Land Bank by submitting these forms annually to the Land Bank:


Contractor/Vendor Pre-Qualification